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Make your summer event a hit with an inflatable at your party. We have inflatables for kids and adults and a price that fits your budget.

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We’ve got a wide selection of inflatables that will add fun to any occasion! Pictures are not the actual size, check below for actual dimensions.

A.  Super Slide (13’W x 23’L x 16’H) This is our Super Slide which means you’ll have a high time on the slide!

B. Bounce House (13’W x 13’L x 14’H) This is our very own Bounce House, one of the little ones’ absolute favorites! They’ll have a bouncing good time in this fun house. Many hours of fun bouncing, screaming and lots of laughs too.

C. Birthday Cake Bounce House (13’W x 13’L x 14’H) This is our Birthday Cake Bounce House. Who could go wrong with this inflatable for your special boy or girl?!”

D. Bounce House/Slide Combo (13’W x 23’L x 14’H) This is our Bounce House/Slide combo that will give your kids double the fun. They’ll be able to jump till they drop and then slide to victory only to start again.

E. Obstacle Course (14’W x 55’L x 18’H) This is our most adventures inflatable. The Obstacle Course will supply you with a variety of excitement and fun for hours on end.

For more info call Lonnie at 765-398-3042 or email